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השלד בגובה 75 ס"מ מבוסס על ארגונומיה של משתמשי המטבח מודרניים.
החל מגובה רשת של 125 מ"מ,השלד בגובה 75 ס"מ מבוסס על רשת עם 6 גבהים.
כלומר 6*125=75.0 ס"מ

next125 kitchens can be assembled using 3 different unit elements, namely base units, wall units and tall units. They can be installed either on the floor or mounted on wall. The base unit is available in two carcase heights plus the wall-mounted version. In the case of tall units, you can choose between 5 heights and the wall-mounted versions; the wall units come in 6 units heights plus the wall-mounted version.


System 75 cm – with handle or TIP-ON >>PDF Download








System 75 cm – handleless   >>PDF Download

No matter which carcase height you choose, you can use all the options available with next125: for those who like to have a firm grasp of everyhing, we can offer a large range of handles, also in combination with TIP-ON, the mechanical opening support for cabinet doors, pull-outs, folding flap doors and fridges. For fans of handleless kitchens, our range also includes grip ledges both tone in tone and in contrasting colours – also in combination with TIP-ON. The exclusively TIP-ON system without grip ledges or recessed handles is now a new addition.כלומר 6*125=75.0 ס"מ